Commemorate the life of someone you love

To commemorate the memory of our loved ones, during the fall and winter seasons memorial wreaths are placed on the graves. Once again, Catholic Cemeteries & Funeral Services is pleased to offer you an attractive selection of wreaths. Made of enduring silk-like flowers and weather proof greenery, the wreaths are full and bright and will hold their beauty in even the harshest winter elements. 

In order to ensure that your memorial wreath is placed on the grave by November 1, we suggest that you place your order as soon as possible. The wreaths will be left on the ground until April 1st, after that time they will be discarded. Should you wish to retain your wreath, you may remove it prior to April 1st.

Purchase price includes a metal stand and the placement of the wreath(s). It also includes a tag identifying the location of the grave so that in the event the wreath is displaced, it can be relocated properly.

Order by mail, by phone at 1-800-974-4619 or in person.

See our wreath brochure here. 


Blue Morning Glories with Blue Roses Wreath W1219 - $59.00

More info / Customize
20″ wreath with light blue morning glories, royal blue roses, white daisies and blue bow.

SKU: W1219
Burgundy Roses and White Carnations Wreath W2006C - $78.00

More info / Customize
28″ wreath with white carnations, burgundy roses with gyps and burgundy bow.

SKU: W2006C
Cross Wreath with Red Roses C2404 - $62.00

More info / Customize
33″ cross with red roses, Queen Anne’s lace, calla lilies and red bow.

SKU: C2404
Heart Wreath with Red Roses H1401 - $68.00

More info / Customize
22″ heart shaped wreath with red roses, white hydrangeas, calla lily and red bow.

SKU: H1401
Pink and Purple Saddle Wreath P334PK/PP - $67.00

More info / Customize
31″ saddle wreath with pink and purple roses, pink carnations and white gyps.

Pink Roses Wreath W1207C - $59.00

More info / Customize
20″ wreath with pink roses, white hydrangeas, purple lilacs and pink bow.

SKU: W1207C
Red Roses with Pine Cones Wreath XW1220 - $53.00

More info / Customize
20″ wreath with red roses, Queen Anne’s lace, pine cones, holly, and a red bow.

SKU: XW1220
Roses with Buttercups Wreath W1604A - $68.00

More info / Customize
24″ wreath with red roses and buttercups, white carnations with gyps and red bow.

SKU: W1604A
Yellow and Orange Roses Wreath W1209B - $59.00

More info / Customize
20" wreath with orange rose buttercups, yellow roses with gyps and yellow bow.

SKU: W1209B
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