The mausoleum concept has greatly expanded the burial options of Catholics who now have the option to choose burial above ground.
A mausoleum is a building which contains a number of crypts for the entombment of the deceased.
A crypt is a space prepared for the entombment of human remains in a mausoleum.
Mausoleums are constructed of steel reinforced concrete, natural stone and the most durable materials available.  Many forms of religious artwork make up the beauty of our mausoleums.
Crypt fronts are made from polished marble or granite.  Memorialization is provided in the form of bronze lettering or inscribing of granite depending on the mausoleum.  Crypt fronts can be personalized with a photo of the deceased and an epitaph.   Memorial lights are available on all crypt fronts.
Mausoleums can be found at Assumption Cemetery in Mississauga, Queen of Heaven Cemetery in Woodbridge, Holy Cross Cemetery in Thornhill, and Resurrection Cemetery in Whitby.
Each mausoleum offers a selection of entombment options. Types of crypts available are a single crypt for one entombment, double crypts for two entombments which are side by side, tandem crypts which are two entombments lengthwise and prayer level companion crypts which are also for two entombments, one below floor level and one above it at floor level.
 Most mausoleums are built to accommodate four, five and sometimes six crypt levels and can be up to three storeys high.  Our mausoleums offer a number of crypt styles to choose from, priced to meet your wishes and budget.


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