Consecrated to God in 1968 and dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary, Assumption Catholic Cemetery serves the people and parishes of Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke
surrounding area. 
Upon entering the main gates, we are greeted by the statue of Our Lady Assumed into Heaven reminding us that, like Mary, we will all one day be joined with her and our loved ones with God in heaven. Flanked by two angels, this prayerful feature overlooking the pond offers a sense of serenity to visitors. 
Reflecting the mosaic that is our Archdiocese, Assumption Catholic Cemetery boasts many shrine sections dedicated to our ethnic communities.  The cemetery offers a choice of burial options, including graves permitting a flat bronze marker and lots that permit upright monuments in addition to cremation and mausoleum burial choices.
In 2004, a piece of the Catholic history of the Archdiocese was restored when the relocated site of Elmbank Cemetery, home for the area’s Irish Pioneers for 100 years, was rededicated at Assumption Catholic Cemetery. 
Mausoleum entombment is an ancient yet also a modern method of laying our loved ones to rest. Our Lady of Fatima Mausoleum offers the comfort and solace of above-ground burial. This prayerful building expresses our Catholic faith and our devotion to the Blessed Mother. The prominent feature is a stunning mosaic depicting Our Lady’s appearance at Fatima. 
Our Lady of Fatima Mausoleum features the ageless beauty and durability of granite crypt fronts for casket burial. Granite and glass front niches where urns may be placed are located throughout the building. The mausoleum is accessible for prayer and visitation year-round, climate controlled and wheelchair accessible. Restrooms are provided for your comfort.
Assumption Catholic Cemetery administers the following cemeteries:
Mount Peace Catholic Cemetery (Mississauga)
St. Joseph’s Catholic Cemetery (Streetsville)
St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery (Brampton) 
St. Mary’s Catholic Cemetery (Port Credit)
Cemetery office hours are from Monday to Saturday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. To serve you better a cemetery counsellor can be available weekday evenings by request and subject to availability.




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